Absolutely The ideal Scented Candle Ever!

Pure Integrity Soy Candles are scented earlier mentioned & over and above your best scented candles! Our candles burn cleanse and even from major to bottom! Our soy candles are created having a proprietary 100% all pure stabilized soy wax. What actually sets our Soy Candles aside from other candles is our potent and healthier fragrances. Our “Impressive Fragrance Technological know-how” works by using a unique seven Move Pouring Method, the latest innovation in candle making!

The Scented Candle Dilemma

When we first set out to come up with a more healthy scented candle for ourselves we experienced no idea of The journey we have been about to partake.
At the moment soy wax had a short while ago been invented and Pretty much no soy candles ended up on the market. Most fragrance makers have been producing fragrances specifically for paraffin wax, that’s a byproduct of petroleum oil when refining gasoline. This designed a substantial problem simply because soy wax has a very distinctive chemical composition.Here we hand pour our Cape Candles

Our first dilemma was that many of the fragrances in the marketplace ended up created from a person hundred percent synthetics, which we desired to avoid. We planned to use pure crucial oils, floral essences and/or purely natural extracts. However Many of these substances ended up both unstable at this kind of higher temperature, didn’t burn off properly or experienced an exceedingly lousy scent-throw.
Our next dilemma, for people who choose to delight in an awesome fragrance but can also be overall health conscience, is that soy wax burns about 20° cooler than paraffin wax. For the reason that soy wax burns cooler it has a more challenging time forcing the fragrance in the air (scent-throw) and this is a single explanation most soy candles in the marketplace usually are not using a hundred% soy.
Most soy candle companies will utilize a combination of paraffin and soy; then they’re able to lawfully contact it a “Soy Candle.” This Mix enables the wax to melt away at a better temperature and boosts the scent-toss when compared to 100% soy wax. However, for wellbeing and environmental good reasons we didn’t need to use any paraffin/petroleum wax.
Our remaining Problem was that every one waxes Have a very most capability to soak up or maintain fragrance (scent load capacity). If you try to add additional fragrance than what a wax can keep it will eventually either independent from the wax or the candle will likely not burn off correctly. Most candle makers use only the standard scent load potential, producing common-scented candles.

Wondering Diverse

In our irritation, we commenced pondering “outdoors the box” in the regular way of constructing candles. We realized we experienced to determine a method of getting our scented soy candles to absorb a lot more fragrance than the very best scented candles available on the market. We required to exceed the business’s conventional “scent load potential.” We then had to make certain our fragrance was Similarly distributed all through our candles and achieve all this even though making our fragrances much healthier.
We transformed our basement into a mini candle/science laboratory and started our journey. What follows is the outcomes of the partner-and-spouse team, with a passion for wholesome dwelling, searching for a solution to this scented candle Problem.

Innovative Fragrance Engineering & 7 Action Pouring Process

Pure Integrity’s seven Action Pouring Course of action coupled with our Modern Fragrance Technologies permits us for getting our wax to absorb a substantially better volume of fragrance. We use about 50% additional fragrance than any candle we know available! We cannot Offer you all the details of our pouring system, but here is an overview.
Most candle makers will insert fragrance when the wax is way too incredibly hot. This tends to lead to the fragrance to begin evaporating over the manufacturing approach. However, in the event you increase fragrance when the wax is just too cold Will probably be unable to bond towards the wax and will possibly separate or burn improperly.
Now we have perfected the exact temperature for each fragrance to generally be additional based upon its evaporation temperatures and plenty of testing. It is also important to Observe that each fragrance we produce has a certain goal array for liquid density, flashpoint, particular gravity and vapor density, all of which Perform a job in the standard of the completed candle.
Our future aim is to chill the wax as fast as is possible although keeping the fragrance evenly mixed through the wax. By cooling our wax much more fast we allow for hardly any fragrance evaporation through the manufacturing approach.
When the soy wax has cooled to the point of almost solidifying, we will pour the candles. Precisely hand pouring Every single and each candle mainly because it is impossible to realize the exact same regularity and thickness at these minimal temperatures while applying automatic equipment.
It’s important that you comprehend, most candles are created applying automatic equipment, demanding the temperature being Considerably hotter. Why Is that this a challenge? Pouring at these kinds of high temperatures leads to quite a lot of fragrance to evaporate out from the candles. Also a significant percentage of fragrance rises to the very best from the candles leaving tiny scent at the bottom. We might love to use automated equipment, It will be Significantly more quickly. But we do not. It can be our seven Step Pouring Process which includes enabled us to supply healthier candles that have much more fragrance from leading to bottom!
The result is the fact that Pure Integrity Soy Candles are so sturdy and so sensible you’ll Assume you have got the actual detail right before you! No matter whether it’s a fresh new baked pumpkin pie or maybe a ripe juicy peach, you’ll swear that peach or pumpkin pie is sitting suitable in front of you!