New cab option for JCB electric mini excavator

JCB is now offering an enclosed cab option for the 19C-1E battery-electric mini excavator. This option is ideal for customers working in a colder, wetter climate. The machine will use the same ab as JCB’s conventional 1- to 2-ton models and will be equipped with an electric heater.

With a large, glazed area, the ROPS/FOPS cab is equipped with easy-to-replace laminated flat glass. It has a 70/30 front windshield split, with clear jointing, for an unobstructed view of the digging area. The JCB cab offers a clear view all around the machine. The cab uses the same LED working lights and wipers as the diesel models, making it easier to work in poor visibility or during hours of darkness when required.

When operating the machine with the heater on, there is zero impact to the machine’s digging or tracking performance.